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1 (877) 744-2281 | Fax: 1 (855) 744-8008
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Guess Who's Turning 40 This Year?!

In 1981, Don Travers and Barry Paquette partnered to create the team of Paquette Travers. Since then, our team has continued to grow including our newest partners Bryan Mayes and Nathan Spaling. Our values are firmly rooted in exceptional customer service to the communities in which we all live and conduct business. Having served tens of thousands of clients over the years, we are proud of our heritage and our legacy as an innovator in real estate law.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of our journey. From our staff to our business partners, community connections, family and friends, you have all contributed to our success.

So we raise a glass and thank YOU!

Cheers, This Is 40!

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We are a boutique law firm offering you friendly, affordable and trustworthy professionalism in the areas of real estate, family law, wills & estates, and corporate law. Our offices are located through-out the Waterloo-Wellington hub and Milton so that you don’t have far to travel from your home or business to receive the dedicated care your legal matters deserve.



“If you are not satisfied with our real estate services we will refund our legal fee!”

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