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Incorporation & Organization


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Your valuable time needs to be spent growing your business and dealing with the day-to-day processes of the sales cycle, not the legal cycle.

We work with you to understand what you and your business needs to reach the next level, including:

  • Incorporation Advice and Execution
  • Corporation Structure and Reorganizations
  • Review of Franchise Agreements and Related Documentation
  • Drafting of Contracts and Review of Contracts
  • Joint Ventures and Shareholder Agreements
  • Federal and Charitable Incorporation and Organization
  • Amalgamations, Amendments and Dissolutions
  • Asset and Share Acquisitions
  • Review or Preparation of Lease Agreements
  • Keeping Corporations in Good Standing
  • Business Name Registrations, Amendments and Cancellations
  • Corporate Minute Book Reviews and Reconstructions

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Note: We are not an accounting firm and believe that your chartered accountant plays an integral role in your business service model as well as lawyers. Paquette Travers are pleased to work with your current accountant or recommend an accounting firm, if you are new to the area.

Corporate & Commercial Services

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A corporation is a legal entity distinct from its owners (known as shareholders) and the individuals who manage and run its affairs and business (known as directors and officers). Every corporation consists of shareholders, directors and officers.

Shareholders are the ones who hold the shares in the corporation, dependent on votes that are usually attached to the shares. The shareholders control the corporation. If there is only one shareholder, that individual has absolute control of the corporation. If the corporation has a number of shareholders, control of the corporation depends on who has the majority of the voting shares. However, the shareholders do not directly manage the corporation. They exercise their influence by electing and removing directors and approving or disapproving any or all corporate decisions.

A corporation is incorporated by the filing of Articles of Incorporation. The client provides our office with a proposed corporate name and we check the availability of the name through a search company. If the proposed corporate name is available, we order a NUANS Name Search Report, which is filed with the Articles of Incorporation. The Articles indicate the registered head office of the corporation, the authorized shares that it can issue, the rights, privileges and conditions attaching to each class of shares, restrictions as to the transfer of shares, sets out the number of directors of the corporation, etc.. After incorporation, we organize the corporation by way of organizational resolutions that elect directors and officers, adopts the corporate seal, share certificates, corporate records and by-laws, appoints accountants, sets out the financial year end, issues shares, etc..

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