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Ask A Lawyer

Welcome to our new “Ask a Lawyer” page!

If you have a quick question, we’re here to help.

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    Some Frequently Asked Questions are:

    Ask A Lawyer Real Estate

    Real Estate:

    When is the money due/how do I pay?
    My broker/agent said I qualified for the 1s thb refund, why don’t I qualify?
    When do I meet with the lawyer?
    Do I have to pay LTT now or can I pay in installments?
    I don’t have an agent, it’s a private deal, can I still use you?

    You have to bring in a bank draft when you come in to sign all the closing documents with the lawyer, usually a few days before your actual closing date.

    You only qualify for the first time home buyer exemption when you have never owned a home in your lifetime anywhere in the world.

    You meet the lawyer to sign all your paperwork a few days before your closing date.

    You cannot pay your Land Transfer Taxes in installments , you must bring in the amount at the time of signing with the lawyer a few days before your closing date.

    Yes you can use us to close your transaction providing you are a using a proper Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

    Wills and Estates:

    Why do I need a Will?
    What are Primary and Secondary (or Probate and Non-Probate) Wills?

    When you have passed away, having a Will in place ensures that your final wishes are met as to how you want your estate distributed and to whom, it sets up trusts for any minor children, and it can set out who you want to look after your children when you are gone.  It avoids conflicts among family members when it clearly sets out your final wishes, and you get to pick who you want to administer your estate on your behalf.  When you have passed away without a Will, your family will need to apply to the Court to appoint an Estate Trustee.  This process is longer and more expensive.

    Primary and Secondary (or Probate and Non-Probate) Wills are recommended for people that have shares in a private corporation that have a considerable value.  One Will would be for your personal assets and subject to probate fees and the other Will would be for the shares in your corporation and would not be subject to probate fees.

    Ask Lawyer Corporate Law

    Corporate Law:

    What do I need to do to keep my corporation up to date?
    How do I get a GST/HST Number?

    You will need to notify our office when a major change or a transaction has taken place as it would need to be reflected in your corporate minute book.  Meetings of the Shareholders and the Board of Directors need to take place at least once a year to approve of financial statements, elect directors, officers, and accountants, confirm all acts taken by the Directors and Officers in that year and for the shareholders to consent that the corporation be exempt from the audit requirements of Part XII of the Business Corporations Act, R. S. O. 1990.

    You can either call Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-5525 or visit their website and apply online for the GST/HST Number.  Their website for registering online is: